About Janet Keisler

How I Got Started

I was born in Chicago, the oldest of six. I have a son and daughter, four fabulous grandchildren and three incredible great grandsons. In 1993 my husband, Lance and I ran away from the cold weather of Northern Illinois. We bought a sailboat and sailed the Caribbean Sea for five years. In that process we discovered St. John, and Coral Bay became home.

My making jewelry started with a trip to New Mexico. We vacationed there with our friends Henry and Betty (who makes beautiful jewelry). One of the things we did in Santa Fe, New Mexico was to go to an open-air bead market so Betty could look for gemstones. Betty likes to buy her gemstones in New Mexico. There were rows and rows of tables and booths of every kind of stone you can think of.

My husband suggested we buy some turquoise rocks to see what we could do with them. I agreed and suggested getting Lapis also. Then there were some beads that I thought were so beautiful. So I bought them to see if I could make myself a couple of necklaces and bracelets. It didn’t take long to discover that not only could I make jewelry but also that it was fun. I am hooked on the beauty of gemstones and crystals. The healing and soothing power of a gemstone is great. See if you agree with me, stop by and try on some pieces.

2016 was a year of changes. It marked my closing of my shop in front of Aqua Bistro in Cobolobo Plaza and the planning of opening in a store located in the building next to it. Unfortunately that didn't happen. New year and 2017 has a lot of changes for me also. I am storeless right now but you can find me under my canopy in the yard by Pickles these days. Besides my jewelry I have Pauline's seaglass jewelry and prints, Nina's signs, Laura's art, leathergoods by Jodi, glassware by Stephi and shell earrings by Leah.

Proprietor - Janet Keisler
Location: Pickles Deli, Coral Bay
Mail Address: 16213 Spring Garden, St. John, V.I. 00830
Phone: 340-643-1719
Email: j.creationsbythesea@gmail.com


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